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VoIP Telephone Service

Fully Featured Fax and Phone with Unlimited Calling to Most in Canada

LifeTimeLine™ is a new way to look at your basic telephone services
a one-time cost for life rather than recurring bill ... How? Solar powered datacenter, trading volume of over 300,000 active users and so much more!
Say goodbye to your monthly phone bill while keeping your existing number* for only an additional C$25
* Keeping your existing number, also referred to as "Number Porting", is available in select cities : please click here for a list.
Internet Phone Service with Desktop & Mobile and ATA Compatibility

Unlocked Linksys™ SPA Adapter C$60  |  LifeTimeLine™ is a One Time Fee VoIP Service

Epic Savings

0.02/minute to the US, China, the UK and more!
Calling rounded up to closest minute.

Free Calling To Majority Canadians

10 provinces. 40 metropolitan areas. 1300+ cities. 85% of the Canadian Population.
  •  E911
  •  Call Forwarding
  •  Caller ID
  •  Call Waiting
  •  Voice Mail
  •  Fax to eMail/Web


One-Time Payment

UNMETERED.IO manages services for members while partners autonomously maintain operations. Support aides with inquiries and setup instructions while device settings are available in ClientArea. For assistance more complex than account setup, please inquire about UNMETERED.Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About LifeTimeLine™ Canada Internet Phone Service

Can I keep my current phone number?

Yes. In most cases you can keep your current phone number. You may check to see if your number is in a city that supports "number porting" by checking this page. If your number is transferable, we'll help you bring it over to LifeTimeLine™ Canada. And because transfers usually take about 7-10 business days, you will be able to see the temporary number assigned to your account from the ClientArea.

Do I need an existing phone number?

No. If you don't have an existing phone number, or don't want to transfer your current one, we'll be happy to give you a free new number when you sign up. Check out the cities where we have numbers available in from this list. You can even choose from available areas and a number will automatically be assigned, if no location is specified we'll use your account information city and province.

How is LifeTimeLine™ Canada different from landline phone service?

The big difference is that LifeTimeLine™ Canada works over the internet. So, you get everything you'd expect from a landline, plus a bunch of advanced features like Voicemail that can deliver your messages by email and integrated fax to email conversion as a standard. This does mean that you will need a slightly different phone than regular "PSTN" (Public Switched Telephone Network) service but once that's done it generally works the same : there are regular-home-phone looking Internet phones these days. Search places like, and for "SIP Phone" for compatible hardware.

Will I still receive phone calls if my power or Internet service goes out?

Yes. But you'll have to set up one of the available forms of call forwarding (like call forward when not available) to an accessible telephone from the control panel accessible from ClientArea. During an outage, all calls are forwarded to the alternative number(s) you provided.

What type of internet connection do I need? Is it included?

UnmeteredPhone and LifeTimeLine™ works with any high-speed internet connection (like DSL or cable). We have a broad range of Internet services but the service will work on any stable broadband connection that can maintain consistent 64Kbps upstream and downstream availability for best sound quality; you'll need to have your own broadband internet service in place to use Vonage.

When you register and select one of the numerous cities across Canada LifeTimeLine™ will provide you with a real telephone number and SIP device registration information. Your friends and family can call you anytime. Calls between LifeTimeLine™ & FreePhoneLine softphone accounts and INCOMING CALLS ARE ALWAYS FREE.