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LifeTimeLine Canada

Internet Telephone Service

Fully Featured Fax and Phone with Unlimited Calling to Most in Canada

Internet Phone Service with Desktop & Mobile and ATA Compatibility

Unlocked Linksys™ SPA Adapter C$60   |   LifeTimeLine is a One Time Fee VoIP Service

Epic Savings

0.02/minute to the US, China, the UK & more!
Calling rounded up to closest minute.
Prepaid Long Distance Rates

Free Calling To Majority Canadians

10 provinces. 40 metros. 1300+ cities. 85% of the Canadian Population.
Free Unlimited Calling Zone
  •  E911**
  •  Call Forwarding
  •  Caller ID
  •  Call Waiting
  •  Voice Mail
  •  Fax to eMail/Web
** Carrier charges $35 per emergency call from prepaid balance.
Say goodbye to your monthly phone bill while keeping your existing number* for only an additional C$25
Support aides with inquiries and setup instructions while device settings are available in ClientArea
For assistance more complex than account setup, please inquire about UNMETERED.Tech
* Keeping your existing number, also referred to as "Number Porting", is available in select cities : please click here for a list.

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